small table, great performance

Industrial production muffins lines

Designed to produce all size muffins and cakes with chocolate or fruits bites inside.
Possibility to inject chocolate, jam and cream.
Topping solution systems can be added according to the needs of the customer.
Customize helps create innovation and this is what Easymac does !
Technical features:
-Cup denester: specific machine to distribute round shape or rectangular paper cups on the preformed trays.
- Volumetric dosing machine (single color/ bicolor) with independent outputs.
- Dispenser for topping : to sprinkle the product with different kind of dry ingredients such as salt, sugar, sesame, poppy, fennel seeds.
- Streusel topping: moist streusel depositors dispenses high fat streusel targeted into muffin pans or larger pans such as cake or pies, using a unique dispensing system.
- Vertical volumetric injection machine (single color / bicolor) custom designed.
- Automatic depanner with needles or suckers.

Linee Muffin

Linea muffin 300914 02
Linea muffin 300914 01
Linea muffin 300914 04
Linea muffin 300914 03

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